Advantage Higher Education serves families and children who reside in New York City. Our mission is to give scholars the skill set and knowledge base to succeed in college, career, and life. We do this by providing an engaging experience in sports, arts, and STEM, and other readiness activities; we seeks to enhance and enrich the lives of scholars by providing a safe, supportive, and structured environment that supports their overall health and well-being; and we address their physical, social, and emotional needs that further their intellectual development.


To be recognized nationally for providing a safe haven for youth during extended school hours that fosters support where:

  • Every scholar is guided to demonstrate good stewardship, citizenship and leadership in partnership with their family, school, and community.
  • Every scholar’s creativity and uniqueness is acknowledged, encouraged, embraced, and celebrated.
  • Every scholar is nurtured and secured within a non-judgmental environment.
  • Provide access to postsecondary learning to scholars who otherwise would not have the means to fulfill their educational goals.
  • Furnish direct financial support to scholars for post secondary education
  • Provide information that scholars and families need to make sound educational choices


The Advantage Higher Education’s philosophy emphasizes on the development of critical thinking, college readiness, career readiness, and life readiness for our scholars through project based learning activities using arts, sports, and STEM. During extended school time hours, it Is our priority is to prepare a diverse population by providing youth with the knowledge base and skill set necessary for today and future challenges and opportunities. We implement genuine care, respect and confidence; attributes that are altogether vital in creating leaders and prosperous adults. In addition, we help scholars make better choices, build self-esteem, and self-awareness. Thus, we assist scholars to become productive individuals by investing in their own futures.


We have a team of caring professional men and women, who will work with students on a day-to-day basis and are committed to the success and education of each student. Without them, we would not have a successful organization. The members of our staff are college students (education major) and educators; others are k-12 educators from local schools; and some are professionals from the local community. These individuals bring experience and dedication to our organization, which is an asset to our students. All staff members are fingerprinted, and we follow the NYS Department of Health standards.


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