Scholars Lab @ Advantage Higher Education

Scholars’ Lab provides academic support beyond day school. Our goal is to provides students with tools and skills necessary to increase their performance, learn effective study techniques & strengthen literacy, writing & communication skills. We believe that students should be responsible for their own personal academic journey.

We gather information from student report cards and day school instructors, to help students identify concepts that they have difficulty with. Support is provided through tutoring in all subjects, access to web based resources & research materials, as well as one-on-one and small group practice.

If a student within our programs’ population is failing one or more subjects, it is mandatory for them to attend scholars lab at least twice a week. We work with students to bring up their grade(s), and keep their progress on file. In order to ensure that there is improvement, we correspond with day school instructors on a regular basis.

We also encourage students to participate as “walk-ins” if they are passing overall, but still want to improve in certain areas. There are many students who take advantage of this opportunity as well. We want everyone in our program to benefit from these resources.

We are excited to report that for the 2015-2016 school year, Advantage Scholars’ Lab assisted 41 students to flip failing grades into passing ones! In addition, the students who came in on a consistent basis saw significant improvement in their subject averages, which lead to an overall increase of their GPA.

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